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May 6, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine

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Proposal of business partnership to establish a Center of effective control of discrete processes for different purposes

It is proposed a business partnership in the establishment and subsequent development of a production company, that is a Center of worldwide implementation of the new science-intensive network technology with many applications entitled: "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (in short - IT AC DTIP)", which presentation is here: http://www.slideshare.net/michael_burlakov/presentation-of-it-ac-dtip-on-slidashare. It allows you to cost-effectively find the best strategies of controlling discrete processes (i.e. processes with clearly separated from each other states), which are widely encountered in many areas of human activity.
To date, the startup of this project is ready for implementation to life. It, in particular, includes 9 network software tools and 2 usual ones on optimizing control of discrete processes for different purposes (soon all of them will become multilingual, and four tools already are such). All information about IT AC DTIP is presented on the two English-Russian websites: "Promotion center of IT AC DTIP" (its address - http://dtip-burlakov.com/en/) and "Implementation center of IT AC DTIP" (http://dtip-optim.com/en/main). The first one contains all necessary information about this technology, and the second focused on 18 categories of persons that are directly related to discrete processes of specific purposes and are interested in effective control them.
Now there is an active development of multilingual interfaces for the above software tools, that have already been created for the following tools: MNIS MBO 1.0 (http://dtip-burlakov.com/en_pages/09.htm), MNIS GAO 2.2 (http://dtip-burlakov.com/en_pages/10.htm), MP OROR 1.1 (http://dtip-burlakov.com/en_pages/18.htm) and MP OOR 1.2 (http://dtip-burlakov.com/en_pages/19.htm). This will allow to gradually implement to life the technology to respective application areas by realizing through Internet the international outsourcing services for finding optimal strategies of controlling such discrete processes which occur there. In particular, such international services already may be realized in three spheres of human activities: program-target planning (MNID MBO 1.0), project management (MNIS GAO 2.2) and restaurant business (MP OROR 1.1 and MP OOR 1.2). In the course of the development of multilingual interfaces for the other 7 existing optimization tools the list of such services will be expanded.
Currently are open vacancies for the following co-founders of the above Center (as soon as will be filled at least two of the listed below, the Center will be created):
1) a responsible for the implementation of the results of its activities, which constitute the mass network services on effective control of discrete processes through the use of the optimizing software tools, created in the Center (requirements to the candidate - experience in activities on the implementation of software and information products, fluency in spoken English and in the Internet);
2) a responsible for the development and protection of the ordinary and network software (system and application ones), as well as for the promotion in Internet of the program and information products (requirements to the candidate - experience in corresponding activities, possession of programming languages Delphi, Html, Joomla and Php, as well as of SEO);
3) an investment partner, whose financial contribution in the promotion of the Center activities should be at least 100 thous. $;
4) those responsible for widespread implementation of the technology in specific application areas by way of the international outsourcing services on effective (optimal) controlling discrete processes of relevant purposes.
The general requirements for each candidate for the role of the Center co-founder:
1) a deep mastering of that part of the materials of the above two sites, that relates to his competence;
2) agreement with the existing concept of promoting IT AC DTIP (see http://dtip-burlakov.com/en_pages/04.htm);
3) sincere conviction that the Center to be created can actually become a world leader in all numerous application areas (not less than 20), where exist discrete processes.

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